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2010-04-04 21:46:43 by RedBlueberries

I HATE HAVING SUCH... uh... Paleness? Fairskinedness? I don't know.
All I know is I have sun burn on my chest, on my arms, on my neck and on the backs of my knees. Already! I was out for all of an hour and a half yesterday and I got a huge sunburn on my chest. And then today, I decided not to wear tights and the backs of my knees burned. Sinitech is right, I shouldn't go outside so much. It's dangerous.
It's not even summer yet.

I wonder what the highest SPF I can get is....

Dance Dance Revolution

2010-03-27 19:33:17 by RedBlueberries

I am so awesome at it. By awesome, I mean I don't fail really bad.
My friends and I played DDR until 3 a.m. last night. Something about dancing to a bunch of J-Pop songs with your friends in the middle of the night... it's amazing.

So. As for nicknames.
NeverHundred= Sour Key
That is all. I don't think Squi- I mean, Sinitech likes me throwing around my nickname for him. I need one for a whole bunch of people.

I also played Wii Fit Plus at my friends' place. It was great. You can make pets. PETS. PEEEEEETTTTS. :3
This is my cat:

I'd put him on the Wii Fit, but he'd probably lose his cuteness. And his love for me.

What was this post about?

There are rumors going around about the upcoming Zelda game that Link might not be the main character. On top of that, Link might be older then like... 11! D:
Anyway, so I'm gonna try and get more active on NG again because frankly, there's nothing better to do after school.
Today, I'm buying myself a new bathing suit, some flats, and a bunch of flower seeds. Sinitech and I made a list of the flowers I need to plant;
Morning Glories
And Finally
Blue Bells

Most of those were suggested by Sinitech. :3

Be kind.

Canadian History

2010-03-04 18:52:17 by RedBlueberries

This place is an amazing place full of maple syrup and Canadian people, but holy hell our history is boring.

School consolers.

2010-03-02 17:47:56 by RedBlueberries

They don't know anything.


2010-02-28 14:43:16 by RedBlueberries

Happy Belated Birthday, Proottalfain!

In other news, Canada kicked all of your asses in the Olympics. We win. You lose. Get used to it.
Also, I can recite the entire "Still Alive" song from Portal. Is this sad?


2010-02-26 08:49:54 by RedBlueberries

Great thing about living here? Just got a huge snowstorm so they canceled all the buses. I got to sleep in and now I get to bake all day and get my hair cut 'n stuff I've been wanting to do for a while.
Also, I've decided Imma try to learn the "Shuffle". Sinitech sent me a video of people doing that and I was quite impressed. I'll video tape it, too, so you guys can see me being rushed to the hospital.
In conclusion, talk nerdy to me.

Well, this time we won.

2010-02-23 21:05:41 by RedBlueberries

But let me not bore you with hockey rants. How are you? How's the family? The wife? Still doesn't like me, eh? That's alright, it's not like she needs to. How's the job? The car? The debt?
Tell me about it, I'm here to listen.

Fucking Sinitech.

2010-02-21 22:06:30 by RedBlueberries

He and I had a bet going at the beginning of the Canada-America hockey game. He said the Americans would win at OUR game. OUR GAME. I said "Bitch Please." Well, the Americans won.
He said to make a sooper dooper post about him.
He's sooper dooper, yes, but I'm mad. MAD.
We lost ]: