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I'm so socially awkward.

2010-07-04 22:10:10 by RedBlueberries

I was walking in the mall with a friend of mine and one of those foreigners at those stands handed us a flyer. I'm polite, so I took it and smiled whereas my friend did the smart thing and sped up. The guy then stops me and goes, "How do you wear your make up?"
I, being confused, reply, "Pardon?"
He then goes, "How do you apply your make up?"
I replied, "I..I don't wear much make up."
And he then asks, "... Why not?"
So then, I blush bright red and go, "I DON'T KNOW!" And then I ran off. Literally, I ran.

Also, just as I predicted, Germany pwned Argentina. 4-0. A friend of mine who was cheering for France lent me his Micheal Ballack (German Captian) soccer jersey. I was so happy, though, Ballack is out of the cup because he was injured. Poor guy. Now they're facing Spain on Wednesday. I think of this match as a dog fight; a fight between a Chihuahua and a German Shepard, respectively. :3

By the way, lately, I've been encountering conflicting articles and 'studies' as to which is the preferred hair length on females; short or long? Seeing as though everyone on this website has- or at one point had- a penis, I think it would be interesting to see your responses.


Second Edit: Germany got third place over all. Again. Gah, that's that good enough! Spain got lucky, Muller and Ballack were out. Without their beloved (and cute) leaders, they played too defensively. Mmmmmmmm Michael Ballack.


2010-07-01 18:59:27 by RedBlueberries

Happy Canada Day, everyone! It's Canada's 143rd birthday. The queen has even come to celebrate! Fire works, Canadian beer, poutine! Today combines them all. It's great.

ALSO, Germany is going to kick Argentina's ass on Saturday. They shall go all the way. ALL THE WAY.



2010-06-26 23:20:11 by RedBlueberries

I seem to have given myself an allergic reaction to poison ivy! It's very itchy, you know. It's the first time I've ever had it. I ran through it a few days ago but it just started showing up today.

Also, I started my job training today. I'm making big $$$ to be trained. It's great.

Now, someone rub my feet and someone else go make me a sammich, please!

As clever as I may be,

2010-06-24 21:12:42 by RedBlueberries

I say really stupid things from time to time. I was at my friend's house, and she looks outside and says, "It looks as if it will rain."
I reply, "Outside?" She then looked at me and we commenced with our teenage girl giggling.
We were then playing 'Seen It' and there was a catigory in which you had to name something. I, being so redundant, go, "It's a name; that means that it's called something specific." And then my friends looked and me and we again commenced with our giggling.

I'm not the only one who says stupid things from time to time, though. Everyone does it. A friend of mine, for example, goes, "I bought a milkshake but I can't drink it." I looked at her and asked why and she replies, "It's too hard. I have to wait for it to cool down." I looked at her for about two minutes before she realized what she said.

Another time we were playing Trivial Pursuit and I ask my friend, "What is the longest river in the United States?"
She replies,"Lake Michigan?"

What are some stupid things you sillies have said/done?

I'm bringing bread to the table, bitchez!

2010-06-11 20:28:22 by RedBlueberries

I got a job for the summer. I don't even know where. I'm being paid over $10 an hour to be trained, and the placed somewhere that suits me. Now one of you go an make me a sammich, I've got other work to do.
I'm going to buy a violin, a flute, a pair of roller blades and hopefully some new pieces of the uniform for next year. The rest is going to my school fund, which is pitiful because I don't think my family really cares.
Where's my sammich?!

My god, I've been swamped with like, 100 projects in the past few weeks. It's ridiculous. Of course, I ace everything, but it's still time consuming. I don't get this time back.
Also, the Nurse is bowling pin and my newspaper is a doughnuts,
If you guess how those two points are relevant to my life and projects, you get a cookie :3

White People...

2010-05-18 16:37:27 by RedBlueberries

Can't dance. I've figured this out because my friends and I went to a dance. It was so fail that it was ridiculous. Also, never go dancing in heels. It's a bad idea. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

I got my money this week, I've spent most of it already. All of that was on clothing because summer is a time where you need clothing that isn't winter clothing. My dad says that me wanting to spend all my money on clothing is vain, but that isn't true because I'd spend all my money on videogames if they weren't so goddamn expensive. $50+ for a game? Really?

Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's place again. She and I really get along, which is nice. She loves my baking, so I'm making multiple things at her request when I come over; Lemon Cake, Blue Berry Cheesecake, Chewy Brownies and Triple Chocolate Cookies. She really shouldn't ask me to do this 'cause we're gonna be HUGE by the end of the day on Friday.

I'm taking a new course in school called Careers, where one is essentially told about themselves and should map out their entire life with an easy to follow, step-by-step plan. Well, I took one of those online tests in which it tells you what you should be. Mine said historian. I was all, "BITCH, PLEASE" because historians have nothing to do with my beloved science. I was not to worry, though, because scientific careers were on the list for me. But Historian? Really? Oh lawd.

I've been so tired lately that I essentially forgot about NG. None of you are important enough. Am I joking? Maybe.

I bought flour!

2010-04-13 16:39:05 by RedBlueberries

Yesterday I decided that enough was enough; I hadn't baked anything in two weeks. So I rolled up all of my pennies and then bought a 2.5 kg bag of flour. Now I'll be taking recommendations at to what to bake, though I doubt you'll get any.

I got my blood taken today; it was my first time. The chick decided, "Let's cut off her circulation!" and took that elastic thing and it left a huge mark in my arm. She thought I needed to be distracted so she asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I answered "Astro-Physicist" and she gave me a funny look. I took the rest of the time explaining to her what that was and in the end she essentially called me a nerd. And then I look down to the table and she took three viles of blood from me. Three! I need that stuff, you know.

My civics teacher says we need to protest against wrong things and then we read an article about how this woman tied herself to a McDonald's to protest McDonald's. I asked my teacher if it's safe for me to tie myself to a nuke. She laughed at me.

Singing on a spider in the pool

2010-04-10 18:24:23 by RedBlueberries

Makes my throat hurt.

One week until midterm. Thank god, I'm done civics which is the most boring thing since the event of watching paint dry. Which isn't fun, unless it's body paint. *WINK WINK* Ow, my eye. I had a friend over so I had pizza. That stuff is the most amazing food of life. It's as if some sort of God dropped it from the heavens one day. And then the Italians were all, "I can make a' money offa' this shit." And then they sold it in New York.