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2010-09-12 18:06:34 by RedBlueberries

I really dislike the establishment which we call school. If it wasn't for the fact that knowledge is power, I'd never go! It's boring and attempts to be stressful but fails.

I went to New York state yesterday, everyone always gave me a surprised look when I said please and thank you. It was strange. I bought a new jacket down there. It's adorable. I also bought robots :3

Put your feet up and stay awhile, I'll be complaining about school for the rest of the year.


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2010-09-16 11:52:13

Our views on school are similar.

Care for some orange juice? I won't make you climb any houses to get it this time, I promise.

RedBlueberries responds:



2010-09-16 11:54:35

Oh, and if you're ever in New York again, look for a guy who hangs upside-down from trees and throws balls of soggy paper at unsuspecting pedestrians. That would be me.

RedBlueberries responds:

I was wondering who that was. I was the naked girl running around with a bunch of cats.


2010-09-18 03:48:58

I was the guy dressed the tan suit they bought from Goodwill for ten bucks. I was shaking my head in disappointment at such antics... but than I sang the entire Aladdin soundtrack. "Arabian nights! Like Arabian days! More often than not Are hotter than hot In a lot of good ways!"

...but that was at the wedding, which was months ago. In July. true story. I'm sure I shook my head in disappointment at some peoples antics. It's just a part of my daily regiment.

RedBlueberries responds:

I shake my head at your antics! What insanity!


2010-09-20 08:17:11

Anyone who lives in New York is an Oelrigor.

Stay away from them.

RedBlueberries responds:

But New York is so colourful. It's like an English Tokyo.


2010-09-20 17:13:24

people in new york were surprised because they all care about themselves and their horses depedning on what part of the country your in also wtf you shoulda come downed to my place and gave me a blewey dawwwwwgg

RedBlueberries responds:

Lay of the crack, yo.


2010-09-20 19:52:05

I may be an Oelrigor... but at least I'm not squishy, unlike a certain individual who left a comment here recently.

... I shouldn't have said that. Now, he's probably going to hunt me down and murder me in cold blood sometime within the next few days.

Well, it was nice knowing you. When I write my will, I'll make sure to put you down as the recipient of all my orange juice!

RedBlueberries responds:



2010-09-21 17:25:32

nah stickman, he'll just go cry and jack off to BBW porn

RedBlueberries responds:



2010-10-01 11:52:08

What a fool I was for thinking he could possibly kill me. The other day, he was running towards me with a chainsaw, screaming at the top of lungs, with a bulletproof vest on. And all I had to do was throw a cat at him to scare him off!

Don't worry, you'll still get all my orange juice when I'm gone!


2010-10-03 15:04:39

do it for science!


2010-10-08 16:40:54

Gosh... you've been gone for a while. I sure hope you didn't perish while conducting one of your many dangerous science experiments...

But if you did, dibs on all your orange juice.