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So my computer is sped.

2010-08-25 22:07:17 by RedBlueberries

My laptop, now going on only three years old, loses control of the mouse when I plug in the AC. Seriously, it seizures whenever I touch it. It's infuriating. I make a frowny faec every time.

In other news, I went to Canada's Wonderland with my friends. In case you didn't know, that's the largest theme park in Canada with the biggest roller coaster in Canada. It was great. My friends have a tendency to chicken out, though, so often there was an odd number of us going on a ride, leaving one of us to sit next to a stranger.

And school is in a week. My first semester is very interesting. I have music first period, followed by physics, then computer sciences and then English. I get my favorite physics teacher. I interrupt in the middle of class to add something and the we just get into a discussion. It's pretty great.

Also I can make hamsters explode with my mind.


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2010-08-27 00:29:23

You can make hamsters explode with your mind? But... I thought Sinitech WAS a hamster. I dont know why I think that... but I do believe the idea has cemented itself into my imagination. And I will continue to believe this forever.

Also tough luck with the laptop... hmmm, my laptop used to have mousepad problems as well. But I could always get it to stop racing about the screen and get it to do what it had to do. I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about it. So it goes...

RedBlueberries responds:

:c What was your laptop's name?


2010-08-28 18:45:16

Since you're so comfortable with physics, you should be able to explain how and why the human brain is capable of making hamsters explode.

I demand to know your secret!

RedBlueberries responds:

It's simple! I use dark energy :3


2010-08-29 00:13:46

Every time you make a faggot ass physics joke I'm going to kill myself.

Every time.

RedBlueberries responds:

Will you kill youself if we put you in a box and then never opened it again?


2010-08-30 16:47:32

We should totally try stuffing Sinitech into a box, along with a little bit of radioactive substance, a Geiger counter, and beaker of lethal chemicals that shatters at the first sign of radioactive decay.

Schrodinger's Squishy!

RedBlueberries responds:

We can put kitty ears on him :3


2010-09-01 02:15:51

My laptop's name was Lars. But I just got back from house sitting, I have like, three hundred dollars. I'm going to buy a new one, it's name will be Laura. It's going to be a toughbook, you know oneof those military grade laptops. Hardware and software is pretty cheap, but it's built to last 'til the days of Ragnarok.

RedBlueberries responds:

Can you run it over with a car? 'Cause that's pretty tough.


2010-09-01 21:15:42

If anyone approaches me with kitty ears, everyone within ten miles will be brutally raped and murdered.

RedBlueberries responds:

Oh please.
You couldn't kill me. It's been proven in anime that every nerdy school girl is actually a blood thirsty serial killer.


2010-09-03 22:42:27

I cannot currently run over the laptop with a car... but I can do the next best thing, I can run it over with a cat.


2010-09-03 22:55:44

If you need to bring a computer into the middle of a battlefield, I can understand the desire for a Toughbook, but it doesn't sound like the sort of thing that would be suitable for leisurely, everyday use, especially with a price tag that can run into the thousands.