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The ceiling fan released a message containing a bunch of chrysanthemums!

2010-07-23 23:08:13 by RedBlueberries

So this week, I did a few things. I had a friend down from Toronto. I used to live there and I miss the city so usually I go over there but she needed a break. So then we volunteered at the local animal shelter. I then had another friend of mine over late on in the week and we volunteered twice there.

I must say, that place is fun, even if I'm a walking disaster. I smashed my head and face off of almost every cat cage in the building, I nearly tripped over the bucket full of water and bleach used to clean the cages so many times that it's ridiculous, I was peed on by a dog and scratched so many times that I look like I just came out of a zombie apocalypse. I loved every minute of it. I made so many new little friends. I named a bunch of 'em, too! I named a bunch of kittens: Schrödinger, Heidi, Susanna, The Jerk, Luca and Avondale. Schrödinger was my favorite 'cause we were sthuper sthmart together. Anyway, I also made a tonne of friends, like Niomi the Husky, Gail the old cat who, once she sits on you, will not let you leave, Lubin and Spanky, who are dumb and dumber and are so nice.

It makes me sad, though, because it's the Humane Society and after a while if the animals aren't adopted, they're put down. Once I get the chance to go there again they'll all be gone. I'd like some cheering up, everyone.


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2010-07-24 02:10:20

The day I let my daughter get cheered up by a bunch of random strangers on the internet is the day I grow a mustache shaped like my genitals and call the Cyber Police.

RedBlueberries responds:



2010-07-24 05:08:02

I once worked at an animal shelter for a day. I just played with the cats. I don't get along so well with dogs... they chase me. I have more in common with the cats. Me and cats, we're lethargic, pretentious and we love to play with ribbons and shiny things.

But than agian ravens also like playing with ribbons and shiny things. And much like ravens I'm a clever neverhundred. Both cats and ravens seem to have a misanthropic slaint... I feel like they pity humanity. And so do I.

The world is a terrible place... does that cheer you up? I'm not very good at this... meh, gonna go chase a ball of yarn now.

RedBlueberries responds:

I know that :c


2010-07-24 12:59:47

My younger sister recently adopted a cat. He's about four months old now, and he's a ball of energy. If you dangle a string in front of him, he goes nuts and jumps in the air, trying to grab it and bite it. Pull it along the ground in front of him, and he chases it as if his life depends on catching it.

It's sad that some unwanted animals get put to sleep. People are so mean. :,(

RedBlueberries responds:

:c I know, I like the Fixed Fur Life shelters. They fix their animals and then keep them until they're adopted, but there are none around here.


2010-07-24 15:10:02

It's funny because all of the comments so far seem to be doing just the opposite of what you want.

RedBlueberries responds:

I know. *angry faec*


2010-07-25 01:06:20

"Good news everybody..." ~ Professor Farnsworth on bad news.

RedBlueberries responds:

I always read that line in his voice.


2010-07-25 22:27:51

Hey, your ceiling fan sounds really, really cool. Mind if I borrow it?

RedBlueberries responds:

But my dad just installed it.


2010-07-28 22:37:25

Canadians, why would you want to hurt a poor defenseless death-match?

(see my comment in prootalfain's profile for details)


2010-07-30 15:24:06

I work as a part time butcher, but i love animals, i get free meat, and when i come home the dogs and cats swarm because they smell the chicken and beef, i swear they eat better then i do, the dogs names are Klingy, Bitey, Woofy, and paul, the cats names are Scruffy, Puffy, and steve. Paul and Steve are the weird ones, steve looks at lightbulbs, and paul tries to eat my shirts, they're weird, and i love them. :3


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