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I have bad luck and great marks.

2010-07-12 18:40:10 by RedBlueberries

I'll start off with some interesting things. I just purchased a new pair of glasses. They're a mix of steam punk and girlie awesomeness. They should be arriving in a few weeks. I also bought a new pair of shoes yesterday, but I'll get more into that in a moment. And I also got my report card today and if you ask Sinitech, he'll say it was pretty great.

After the appointment with the eye doctor to get my glasses, things kinda went down hill. My ankles are disproportionate to my body, so the ankle straps in the shoes (and the only shoes) I brought to work were too loose. So it's the end of the work day, and I go to walk home. The shoes gave me blisters, so I took them off and walked home barefoot. I thought that'd be all, but then it started to pour rain. So there's this girl walking down the street with a few folders, a pair of wedges in her hands and not on her feet and doing it all in the rain.

Wait, it wasn't a few folders. I dropped one and didn't notice on the way home. I lost my time sheets and now I need to go get some more in a town a few towns over or else I won't get paid. Yaaaay.
I need a drink.


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2010-07-12 19:14:39

You should do like Ernest Hemingway.

In 1939, Hemingway was ordered to cut down on his drinking. He tried to hold himself to three Scotches before dinner but he couldn't do it and, in 1940, he began breakfasting on tea and gin and swigging absinthe, whiskey, vodka and wine at various times during the day.

More than 3 scotches before dinner, plus gin, absinthe, whiskey, vodka and wine. Mmmm...

RedBlueberries responds:

I need to go to work sober or else I can't do anything but make hilarious typos all day.


2010-07-12 21:19:44

Somehow Hemingway was able to take all his hilarious typos and turn them into literary classics. Why can't you be more like Ernest Hemingway. Son, I am dissapoint.

RedBlueberries responds:

You won't be disappointed when I tell you my marks!


2010-07-13 11:15:57

you have marks? you really should improve your kung-fu then. or become a ninja. that way, you are never touched by the other combatant.

RedBlueberries responds:

I AM A NINJA. Shhhhhhhhhh!


2010-07-13 15:30:10

Marks is what foriegn/old people call grades. My grandfather used to ask me, "How are your marks this year?" and I'd say, "uh, ZOMBIES!!!" and he would say, "Son, I am dissapoint."


RedBlueberries responds:

Foreign? Perhaps YOU'RE the foreign one.


2010-07-13 17:31:54

You really do need a drink... I've got orange juice and apple juice, if you're interested!

RedBlueberries responds:

Does the Orange Juice have pulp?


2010-07-14 02:32:57

Oh I'm foreign, foreign like a robot in disguise.

RedBlueberries responds:

If everyone was robots, you'd tell me, right?


2010-07-14 16:45:42

where are the cocks and tits on this userpage? I can't find any ANYWHERE

RedBlueberries responds:

I'm too kawaii for any of that.


2010-07-14 21:27:35

They're hidden... very carefully... in select theaters.

RedBlueberries responds:

No, no, they're actually here.


2010-07-15 14:33:20 hlvj957fr

RedBlueberries responds:

WHAT IS THIS? This woman isn't me. IMPOSTER!


2010-07-16 12:55:17

My orange juice is pulp-free! Interested?

RedBlueberries responds:

Very! Pulp is disgusting. I only drink it when I'm sick. Now may I please have some Orange Juice?


2010-07-18 12:57:01

Sure! Have as much as you want!

It's all on the house! Specifically, on that four-story house on the corner. The climb is a bit tricky, but I assure you, there are gallons upon gallons of fresh OJ on the roof!

RedBlueberries responds:

It's a good thing I'm a descendant of monkies. I'll get that OJ in no time!


2010-07-19 08:00:41

when does this that i cared?

RedBlueberries responds:

The day you start to speak Emblish properly.


2010-07-20 11:27:03

Did someone mention orange juice? My orange juice is Fulp free. In case you people were tired of drinking orange juice that Tom Fulp or his brother where currently scuba diving in.

Those guys are so weird.

RedBlueberries responds:

Ewww Fulp.


2010-07-21 02:39:24


RedBlueberries responds:

You're weird. Freaking weirdo.


2010-07-21 11:43:58

Your climbing abilities won't help when you're facing that giant mosquito that hangs around the second floor! Make sure you bring repellent... and a lot of it.

RedBlueberries responds:

I won't kill it. I'LL RIDE IT.


2010-07-21 18:39:22

Than jump.

RedBlueberries responds:



2010-07-26 22:44:41

awesome, hentaikey girl 5 full game has been leaked for free!! :D